This article is about the Decepticon combatant. For the Sith warrior, see Darth Maul.
Maul is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
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Maul thought he was tough stuff but found he wasn't up to snuff. Joining Megatron's arena seemed like a good idea at the time. He did not walk softly but certainly carried a big stick. It didn't help him in the end however. Grimlock proved to be a cut above and it is questionable if Maul ever fought again. At least he got the point.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Maul was a fighter in Megatron's underground gladiatorial combat arena in the years leading up to open revolt. He transformed into a tank and carried a cannon roughly the length of his entire body. Unfortunately for him, Maul was caught up in Starscream's timid powerplays with Grimlock. A quick swing of the energo-sword cut Maul's pride down to size, to say nothing of his chest plate. The War Within Preview


  • Maul's face is somewhat reminiscent of Demolishor.

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