Mecha-soccer is a Cybertronian sport practiced by Transformers in the Generation One continuity family.

Mecha-soccer (or football) has a long history on Cybertron. It is somewhat different from football as it is played on Earth, as it involves attacking the ball. Professional leagues existed prior to the Great War, although amateur league play continues throughout the conflict.

During wartime, the non-professional teams of the Primus League garner the most attention, especially their competition for the prized Primus League Cup. While the Cybertron Premier Division is assumed to be the uppermost tier in the League, non-League teams (such as Throttlebot Wanderers) are apparently recognized and able to compete.

The Decepticon Krok hopes to reintroduce mecha-soccer as a mainstream organized sport after the war ends.[citation needed]


Known Cybertron Premier Division Teams

  • Actionmaster Academicals
Known members: Jazz
Known matches: Defeated Horrorcon Thursday despite an in-game brawl.
  • Bruticus All-Blacks
Known members: Brawl, Vortex, Bruticus
Known matches: Controversially won a match against their rivals Defensor United when an illegal move went unseen by the refs (the Micromaster Battle Patrol), who were recovering from being stepped on by Bruticus.
  • Defensor United
Known matches: Controversially lost a match against their rivals Bruticus All-Blacks when an illegal move went unseen by the refs (the Micromaster Battle Patrol), possibly putting them out of the championship race.
  • Dinobot Dynamo
Known matches: Game against Triplechangers Town interrupted by Galvatron blowing up the referee, then claiming to be a living god.
Other: May be the same team as Dynamo Dinobot.
  • Horrorcon Thursday
Known members: Blot and Skullcruncher
Known matches: Lost to Actionmaster Academicals following a brawl with both that team and then each other.
  • Triplechangers Town
Known matches: Unfinished game with Dinobot Dynamo.

Other League Teams

  • The Aerialbots
Other: Said to be "looking very good in the air".
  • Combaticons Hove Albion
Known members: Brawl
Known matches: Hard game against Throttlebot Wanderers resulted in appalling injuries to Goldbug, resulting in a professional foul against Brawl. Final outcome of that game unknown.
  • Cybertron United
Other: Dreadwind noted this team had general support.
  • Dynamo Dinobot
Other: Said to be one of the two biggest teams on Cybertron. May be the same team as Dinobot Dynamo.
  • Polyhex City
Other: Dreadwind noted this team had general support until it was relegated to a lower division. What division it had previously been in is unknown.
  • Protectobots Academicals
Other: Said to have a very strong defense.
  • Technobots Wednesday
Known members: Nosecone, Strafe
Other: Nosecone said to be in line for the Sportsmechanoid of the Millennium award for his ability to "drill through defences", while Strafe is the "top winger around".
  • Terrorcons Ununited
Other: Said to be one of the two biggest teams on Cybertron.
  • Seacons
Other: Said to have a "water-logged pitch".

Non-League Teams

  • Throttlebot Wanderers
Known members: Goldbug (although Chase, Freeway, Overload, Rollbar, and Searchlight have been suggested as members)
Other: Called the "non-league no-hopers" by Blaster, Goldbug sustained fusion servo injuries from Brawl during a match with Combaticons Hove Albion, the final outcome of which is unknown. It is likely that Wide Load was supposed to be a member instead of Overload.


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