Medium Units are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game.


The slightly-less-common Decepticlone

Medium Units are described as the workhorses of the Decepticlone army. They are stronger and more intelligent than the Light Unit model of Decepticlone. Medium Units display far better combat skill than Light Units, able to perform a variety of attacks such as strafing a target, effectively dodging oncoming shots and firing from behind cover. Medium Units can sneak up behind an Autobot and attack them, or even stage ambushes when in fair numbers. They also have a tendency to send a runner for re-inforcements when an Autobot is destroying their number count. Oddly, when Medium Units are hit with limpet mines, they may start running around in a panic (occasionally destroying other clones by running into them) whereas Light Units simply maintain their position.

Medium Units serve as commanders for the Light Units, but in heavy combat squadrons they are used as the "grunt" level troops commanded by Command Units. Medium Units are also capable of manning the stationary Turrets used to guard certain areas. They may also become disoriented if the Command Unit they were following is destroyed.


It's on.


Some Medium Units even come equipped with deflector shields, though they do not have enough power to maintain these shields under heavy fire. They may also have a stock of grenades they can lob at their targets. This model of Medium Unit is differentiated from the more common type by its red armor, they often face an enemy threat by forming a defensive line with their shields; both for themselves and other units behind them.

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