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Sari talks about Bumblebee.


Sari - "Okay, see the big yellow guy? His name's Bumblebee.

He's this alien robot from outer space, and, *ahem*, a personal friend of mine. I've taught him all the important stuff about Earth. Like music, movies, video games, and you know... Basic hanging out!

Bumblebee's real fast. He can heel-skate, shoulder-skate, street-luge, and that's just in robot mode! Oh, and he can also shoot out these way cool electric stingers.

His earth vehicle mode is a compact car, which I helped upgrade with these wicked fast turbo-boosters!

Don't let Bumblebee's size fool ya, there's still plenty of room for his favorite passenger. [Sari is removed from the passenger seat by Bumblebee]

Well, most of the time."

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