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This is Ratchet Describing Optimus Prime. Like he's a commercial item. Stop Watching TV!


"Listen up gear heads the Autobot you are currently focusing your scanners on is Optimus Prime our units Commanding officer. He's an academy trained Bot a little fresh of the assembly line for my tastes, but a protoformed leader if ever there was one.

As you can see this model comes equipped with all kinds of accessories:

Grapple for subduing enemy's and extra mobility.

Extinguisher hose for putting out fires and tripping up opponents

And a turbo laser axe for combat, demolition and extra propulsion.

Whist stationed here on earth Optimus prime has taken on the vehicle mode of a fire engine in order to better blend in with the local inhabitants. His trailer is detachable and can home in on him to re-atatch when ever needed.

Prime is cool in a crisis and a strategic fighter with a never go offline attitude, but perhaps his greatest asset to our unit is that of a loyal friend."

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