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A fantastic medic. He proves this by forgetting to return half an Autobot's internals.


Bumblebee on Ratchet. Boy, this should be good.

Bumblebee - "Ok, let me tell you about Ratchet. He’s our chief medi-bot, handy with tools. A lot of them built right into his robot body. But his handiest tools are his supercharged electromagnets, which can lift anything for a runaway train to a runaway Decepticon. Ratchet’s Earth vehicle mode is tactical medical response vehicle. Kind of befitting actually. We call Ratchet the Doc-bot, ‘cause he’s always patching up our circuits or pounding out our dents. We also call him the grumpy old bot for…obvious reasons."



Bumblebee - "But his handiest tools are his supercharged electromagnets..."

—Oh dear, I fear little Bumbles found this quite cleaver.


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