Book meet decepticons

They're an evil robot fam-i-ly!

Vital Statistics

Writer: Adapated by Jennifer Frantz, based on the screenplay and story of the 2007 Movie
Illustrator: Guido Guidi
Pagecount: 32 pages

Major characters:

Originally published: Reader's Digest, 2007


An introduction for beginning readers to the forces of evil that are the Decepticons. Characters are introduced in roughly the order they appear in the film, and thus Barricade, Frenzy, Megatron, Blackout, and Scorponok get the most coverage. No mention is made of Megatron being killed, though his chest does get shown getting hit by the All Spark with only the text "Megatron takes a hit!", but the book concludes with the "remaining Decepticons" retreating into space.

Items of Note

  • Megatron is expectedly drawn with his original concept face. It does not take to being made cutesy well.
  • Bonecrusher is sporting a different head as well, most likely taken from an earlier design.
  • Frenzy transforms into a different CD player than the one in the movie. In this book, his alt mode looks more like Blaster with a CD in place of a tape slot!
  • Frenzy also seems to have a lot of powers that aren't mentioned in other appearances: A scream that can shut down computers and the ability to turn into Barricade's car stereo. The latter would explain how Frenzy manages to not be in Barricade during Sam's interrogation, and his ejection from Barricade's chest.
  • On a similar note, the text heavily implies that Barricade's headlight "eyes" in car mode are him AND Frenzy working together somehow.
  • Yes, you read that right. Illustrated by Guido Guidi.

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