Megastorm's Reckoning is the twentieth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on August 26, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




In the middle of the night, Halfshell and Megastorm meet near the ocean to discuss an alliance to help destroy the Cybertrons. The two agree to the alliance and agree to cooperate in the future. Back at Destron base, however, the Destrons have already decided to plant a series of bombs that can take out both the Seacons and Cybertrons. Dirge and Thrust then begin to plant the bombs.

At the Cybertron base, Lioconvoy sends everyout out to perform recon. Scuba and Diver are underneath the ocean, and run into Halfshell and Seaphantom near the planted bomb. Apache is attacked by Terrormander in the valley, near another bomb. In the forest, Tasmanian Kid locates a bomb, but Scylle appears before Kid can do anything. Scylle transforms and runs after a retreating Kid. In a grassy field, Bighorn and Coelagon run into each other. Dirge and Thrust, meanwhile, are on top of a cliff watching the bomb below. They also have a remote detonator for the bombs. Lioconvoy walks up below them and sits on the rock outcrop. As he looks at the Destrons and the bomb, Dirge drops the detonator.

Megastorm has entered a submersible vehicle and attempts to find Halfshell and warn him of the bombings. As Megastorm moves through the ocean, the bomb on the sea bed explodes below him and he is sent out of the water and flying into the sky. He lands on the beach and runs to the rocky area in which Apache and Seaphantom are fighting. The second bomb explodes and Megastorm is sent flying once again. Lioconvoy gets up from the outcrop and walks over to Dirge and Thrust. Knowing they are outmatched, the jets escape. As they escape, one of the bombs explode behind Lioconvoy. Megastorm is soon in the grassy field and about to attack the fighters when the next bomb explodes and he is sent flying once again. He lands in the forest, where Scylle is chasing and firing on Kid. He lands near the bomb located there and is yet again sent flying when the bomb explodes. He lands near Lioconvoy, heavily beaten. Seaphantom appears and is charging towards Megastorm and the Cybertrons. As he is running towards them, Megastorm realizes Seaphantom has the last bomb on his head. As Seaphantom reaches Megastorm, the bomb explodes and both are sent flying.

At the Destron ship, the Seacons agree to never enter an alliance with the Destons again. The Cybertrons are on the cliff facing the ocean, thankful they survived the battle.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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