Megastorm Reborn is the twenty-fifth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on September 30, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




After a staredown, Magnaboss and Galvatron (who is in dragon mode) begin to tussle. Lioconvoy recovers from the pain in his Matrix chamber to fire a shot at Galvatron. He then jumps on Galvatron and holds his neck while Magnaboss plunges his sword into Galvatron's chest. As Magnaboss withdraws the sword, Angolmois Energy spills out of Galvatron's chest. Severely wounded, Galvatron flies off. Magnaboss wants to follow Galvatron, but Lioconvoy points out that Galvatron has been severely and, probably, mortally wounded.

After the fight, Lio Junior continues to refer to Lioconvoy as "Papa". Lioconvoy is still confused and angered to here this, and tries to inform Lio Jr that he is not his father. While Lio Jr sits alongside the falls at base, Lioconvoy views the information disk that Santon and Skywarp have delivered. The disk shows footage of the Nemesis as well as information on its purpose. The Nemesis is being sent to Gaea to drain it of all the Angolmois Energy.

Lio Jr continues to sulk near the falls as Lioconvoy approaches him and explains that they are connected through their Matrix housings and that they will need to share the energy to stabilize Lioconvoy. As the Cybertrons then scout as a group, Lioconvoy explains that Gaea created a copy of Lioconvoy's Matrix energy when he was rescued by the white lion. This energy was infused into Lio Jr's body, which would then be allowed to grow under the control of Gaea. Lio Jr is not satisfied by this news, yells at Lioconvoy, and runs off. Santon and Skywarp follow him.

At the Destron base, Skywarp and BB perform "surgery" on Galvatron in an attempt to save his life. They are successful, but Galvatron remains critical. Megastorm arrives and informs the Destrons that he is going to dip himself in Angolmois Energy to even the sides against the Cybertrons. As Megastorm departs for the energy, Starscream plots against Megastorm. Above the Angolmois pit, Megastorm has entered the cage being held up by a crane. He orders Starscream to lower him into the pit. As he is lowered, Megastorm reconsiders and asks Starscream to pull him back up. Starscream defies Megastorm and lets go of the control level, breaking the line. Megastorm falls uncontrollably into the Angolmois Energy pit.

Later on, Lio Jr arrives near the pit (no one is around now). Santon and Skywarp arrive and attempt to talk to Lio Jr but to no success. As Santon and Skywarp depart, Lio Jr takes a nap at the edge of the pit. Soon, the ground shakes and gives way underneath Lio Jr. At the Cybertron base, Lioconvoy's Matrix Energy fluxes. This flux informs Lioconvoy that Lio Jr is in danger. The Cybertrons then depart for the pit at which Lio Jr was last located.

As Lio Jr is about to fall, Lioconvoy arrives and catches Lio Jr. Just as the two reconcile, a giant mechanical dinosaur appears from the Angolmois Energy. The new foe is actually Megastorm reborn as....Gigastorm! Gigastorm runs at the Cybertrons, but is met with resistance. Santon, Skywarp, and Lio Jr form Magnaboss and drive back Gigastorm with the aid of Lioconvoy. Gigastorm is sent back into the pit.

As the sun sets on another day, Lioconvoy and Lio Jr discuss their bond and promise to protect each other.

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