Megatron's Fight for Power is the second in the Ladybird Books series of Transformers storybooks.


As the Autobots continue repairs on their spaceship, the Decepticons begin a search for a new source of energy to power theirs. Buzzsaw is dispatched, and reports a faint radar signal outside of the distance parameters of his search, prompting Megatron to investigate things personally. He and Soundwave discover a government research laboratory experimenting with solar energy collection, and Megatron summons the other Decepticons. Starscream, however, sees this as an opportunity to overthrow Megatron and takes charge of the remaining Decepticons for that purpose.

Relaxing in the mountain, Ironhide tunes into the local radio stations, only to wind up stumbling across Megatron’s transmission. Racing back to base, Ironhide informs the Autobots, and Hound triangulates the Decepticons’ position. Optimus Prime heads out to investigate with Spike and Sparkplug.

Starscream, meanwhile, leads the Decepticons in his planned attack on Megatron, but mistakenly believes that the Decepticon leader is hiding within the laboratory building. In actuality, Megatron, suspecting such treachery, has hidden in the shadow of one of the solar saucers, and when Starscream offers mercy in exchange for surrender, Megatron blindsides him and quashes his short-lived rebellion.

Prime, Spike and Sparkplug soon arrive, and Spike attempts to sneak into the laboratory building to access the controls for the solar energy system. Finding the lab door to be locked, he signals to his father in Morse code by flashing light from the blade of his pocket knife, and Prime deploys Roller to deliver a sonic multi-tool to Spike. Almost spotted by Soundwave in the process, Roller delivers his payload and Spike is able to get into the laboratory. Redirecting the beam of solar energy, Spike targets the Decepticons’ pile of energon cubes and destroys it in a massive explosion. As the damaged Decepticons depart for their base, Megatron spies Optimus Prime approaching and vows vengeance as he too retreats.


Buzzsaw is ordered to search for energy within a 500km radius of the Decepticon base. As he reaches the end of his search he detects the solar station nearby but beyond the 500km boundary. However when Megatron later orders the Decepticons to the complex he states it as being 32.5km away. How they'd failed to notice it before when it's so close remains to be explained.

Items of note

  • The Ladybird series picks up from the end of the original TV pilot, More Than Meets The Eye, with the Autobots in the process of repairing their crashed spacecraft. Spike writing in his journal, the Decepticon battle cry of “Scramble!” and the command to “Prepare the Energon cubes!” that Megatron issues to Soundwave are all also lifted directly from the miniseries.
  • This story was also released as a Talk and Read audiobook which included music and sound effects.



Megatron's Fight for Power by John Grant - 1985 Transformers Audiobook

Megatron's Fight for Power by John Grant - 1985 Transformers Audiobook

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