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The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).
The name or term Galvatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Galvatron (disambiguation).

Megatron is not content with conquest of Cybertron. When he learns of some power greater than his own, he does not attempt to merely defeat it. He will subjugate it, bend it to his will, carve up its corpse and integrate its power into himself. Megatron demands complete submission from those around him. Any opposition is savagely crushed, any insubordination violently punished. He is a monster in every sense of the word. Megatron tempers this barbarism with regal militaristic formality. He calls his closest troops "gentlemen." He speaks politely and intelligently. He makes it perfectly clear that he is completely cognizant of his madness.

Megatron's only weakness is his obsession with Optimus Prime. No matter how much power he attains, his final, glorious battle must be against him. On the occasions Prime has seemingly been destroyed, Megatron has sunk into a deep depression. Once Optimus Prime is gone, there may be no further challenges in this universe.

Japanese Super Link name: Galvatron / Galvatron G
Japanese Galaxy Force name: Master Megatron / Master Galvatron


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japan), David Kaye (US), José Santacruz (Brazil), Willi Röbke (Germany)
Armada Megatron FirstEncounter surprise

What the hell does he turn into?

Millions of years ago, the civil war on Cybertron reached a "bloody" stalemate as both Autobots and Decepticons augmented their forces with a race of small power-enhancing Transformers known as the Mini-Cons. In the end, a truce was settled where the Mini-Cons would be exiled, never to be used as tools of war again. However, Megatron betrayed the truce, attacking with the full force of the Decepticon fleet in an attempt to capture all the Mini-Cons in one fell swoop. The Autobots, anticipating this turn of events, launched their fleet to protect the fleeing Exodus Mini-Con ship as it warped away.

ArmadaMegatron onside

"Why didn't anyone tell me my robot bits were showing?"

In the year 2010, Cybertron received a Mini-Con homing beacon from a small primitive world known as Earth, unwittingly activated by a group of human children. Megatron led his most loyal Decepticon warriors to this planet in search of the Mini-Cons, only to discover his arch-enemy Optimus Prime had followed to stop him. First Encounter

After a tactical retreat, it was revealed that the Decepticons had established a base in the ruined hulk of the Mini-Con ship on Earth's Moon. While pondering his next move, Megatron discovered a Mini-Con storage panel buried in the moon dust. Activating it, he discovered it contained his old Mini-Con partner, Leader-1. Counting upon this as his edge over the Autobots, he reconfigured the vehicle modes of his forces and set out to capture the human children and their Mini-Con friends. After surrounding them, he was thwarted yet again by the timely arrival of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. However, Megatron soon demonstrated the great power a Mini-Con Powerlinx bestows on a Transformer, initially overwhelming the Autobots with his sheer firepower. Metamorphosis Base

ArmadaMegs fallenover

"Make my monster grow!"

Megatron went on to run a successful campaign, regularly capturing Mini-Cons and successfully combining the first two Mini-Con weapons, the Star Saber and the Skyboom Shield. Through the machinations of his tactician, Thrust (who was at the time indirectly being manipulated by Unicron), Megatron then acquired the final weapon, the Requiem Blaster, which with the other two served to power the newly-built Hydra Cannon. The destructive force of his new weapon was unleashed against Earth, but Optimus Prime took the blast to save the planet, killing himself in the process.

ArmadaGalvatron Prime hangon

This heroic sacrifice won't stop him from coming back and being just as much of a jerk as ever.

Prime's death plunged Megatron into a deep depression, having lost his greatest opponent without the chance to finish him with his own hands. Thankfully for all concerned, the Mini-Cons were able to resurrect Optimus, restoring Megatron to his former self - but he soon underwent another change that allowed him to surpass all he had been, when he was among the Transformers who had their powers boosted by their Mini-Cons. Renaming himself "Galvatron," he returned to Cybertron with a renewed vigor for conquest. However, the emergence of the threat of Unicron was ignored by Galvatron, forcing his lieutenant Starscream to sacrifice himself to make his leader see the truth, and Galvatron again came to fear the end of his war in the face of Unicron's power.

Galvatron entered Unicron's body along with Optimus Prime, and was absorbed into the demi-god's body and mind, but when the Autobots' human allies freed the Mini-Cons from Unicron's thrall, Galvatron too was freed. Believing the threat of Unicron to be over, he challenged Prime to a final duel. However, the energies released in the battle reawakened Unicron, and Galvatron saw that the only way to end the circle was to destroy himself - sacrificing his life rather than live in an era of peace, Galvatron plunged himself into Unicron's maw, and in a flash, the two seemingly ceased to exist.


Voice actor: David Kaye, Richard Newman (Episode 14 only) (US), Junichi Endô (Japan)
Energon MegatronisBack

"Galvatron is no more...behold: Megatron! ...what?"

EnergonMegatron punishScorponok

STOMP! A musical adaptation by Megatron; percussions: Scorponok's face

Although he was believed dead by both the Autobots and Decepticons, Megatron, like Unicron, had survived the final battle, his body now a decayed husk, absorbed into the equally damaged body of Unicron, where it lay for ten years. When the being called Alpha Quintesson began his plan to re-energize Unicron, Megatron saw his opportunity, siphoning off some of the energon that Alpha Q's Terrorcons stole, working towards his own rebirth. To turn the Decepticons to his side, Alpha Q forged a sword from Megatron's spark, but when an enraged Scorponok stabbed Megatron's corpse with the blade, Megatron was born anew. Taking the sword for his own, he proceeded to take over Unicron's body, sending Alpha Q fleeing in Unicron's head, and restarted his campaign against Earth and the Autobots, seeking energon to reactivate Unicron, who he would use as the ultimate weapon.

Megatron eventually succeeded in bringing Unicron to the vicinity of Cybertron and transforming the planet-eater to robot mode. However, in an attempt to stop him, Alpha Q rammed Unicron's head, charged with the positive energon of Earth, into Unicron's body. The resultant reaction between Earth's energon and the negatively-charged energon that powered Unicron tore a rupture in reality that led to a new region of space where Alpha Q recreated all the planets Unicron had consumed. Megatron immediately saw these new worlds as targets to acquire more energon, and after another series of attacks, Megatron successfully amassed enough to fully reanimate Unicron. However, the chaos-bringer's consciousness invaded Megatron's body, taking over his mind.

Although Optimus Supreme was able to destroy Unicron's body, his mind lived on, buried within Megatron, subtly directing him to attack Cybertron and uncover a reservoir of Super Energon beneath the planet's surface. Megatron immersed himself in the powerful liquid and underwent another power boost, once again taking the name of Galvatron. Quickly acquiring control of the planet, he forced the Autobots underground with energon gas and used the planet's Energon Towers to relocate Cybertron to Alpha Q's region of space. Once there, Galvatron once again soaked himself in Super Energon, growing to a colossal height, but as he did so, Unicron's influence totally seized control of his mind and directed him out into space to re-merge with his spark. Optimus Prime forced him into a battle, knowing that Galvatron's hatred of him would force his consciousness to surface again, and when it did, Prime drained Unicron's influence from Galvatron, sealing it within himself.

Enraged by Unicron's manipulations, Galvatron intended to destroy Unicron's spark, but wound up being possessed by it once more. While struggling to fight the control of Unicron, he was confronted by Optimus Prime once again, and rather than fight him, he plunged himself into the foundling sun created by Primus, igniting the star and once again seemingly destroying himself rather than allow Unicron victory.


Voice actor: David Kaye, Trevor Devall (Episode 1, "Fallen" only) (US), Jouji Nakata (Japan), Wolf Frass (German)
Cybertron MegatronStarscream firstappearance

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Ten years later, Primus's plan to imprison Unicron's spark at the heart of the sun ultimately failed, leading the star to collapse, creating a black hole which threatened the existence of Cybertron, and the rest of the universe. Escaping his confinement within the sun, Megatron enhanced his powers by merging his body with the remnants of Unicron's shattered form, increasing his power with the dark god's own.

Cyb Megatron forcelightning

...Join the dark side!!!.......we have mean...energon cubes?

As the Autobots prepared to evacuate Cybertron in the wake of disasters caused by the black hole, Megatron struck, approaching the unprotected ancient Transformer Vector Prime, and stealing a holographic map containing locations of the Cyber Planet Keys that could be used to seal the black hole. Operating out of a fiery pocket dimension, Megatron schemed to used the world-shaping power of the Cyber Planet Keys and their focal Omega Lock to accelerate the universal degeneration created by the black hole, destroying the universe and using the keys to remake it in his own image.

Leaving Starscream and Thundercracker to search for the Omega Lock on Earth, Megatron located the resting place of the first Cyber Planet Key on Velocitron, the Speed Planet. Recruiting the native troublemakers Ransack and Crumplezone to do his bidding, he deduced that the planet's racing trophy was the key. After failing to defeat planet ruler Override in a race to learn more, however, he left Ransack and Crumplezone to compete in tournaments and win the trophy and turned his attention to the Jungle Planet, home of the second Cyber Planet Key, where he ingratiated himself with planet ruler Scourge. Both missions ultimately ended in failure, however, when the Autobots acquired the keys.

CybertronMegatron DeathMachineGun

Too bad my toy's gun isn't that cool.

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