The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).
Megatron is a Decepticon from the Kre-O continuity.


Megatron is the commander of the Decepticons. Everyone thinks he's a pretty bad guy, but he'd like to call himself a Kreon robot of many talents. Yes, he happens to be the most diabolically evil commander in the universe, but he also has a soft spot for life's finer things— like defeating Optimus Prime and crushing his Autobots.


  • Megatron (Kre-O set, 2011)
The main Megatron figure is $30, and has 275 pieces. His appearance is based on his live-action film series counterpart from Dark of the Moon with the color scheme from his Generation 1 counterpart while his head looks a lot like his Transformers Animated counterpart's original appearance. In vehicle mode, he has a prison cell built into the back of the cab, which can allow the SWAT officer put inside of it. In robot mode, his claws are removable, revealing normal fists underneath.
He comes with Kreon Megatron, Shockwave, a SWAT officer and a specialist.

For some reason, the instructions for Megatron's robot mode end before his upper arms are completed. However, all publicity material feature his completed arms (with the truck-doors and such).


  • His favourite pastime is reading Kreon Kode on his builder's front porch swing.
  • His favourite restaurant is those seafood places that give you a bucket of crabs and a mallet.
  • His biggest fear is being lost in a vast, unorganized box of Kre-O bricks.
  • Megatron featured in an internet advert for Kre-O, called "Last Bot Standing", in which he took part in a boxing match with two of the Kreons — and lost.
KRE-O TRANSFORMERS Last Bot Standing00:48


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