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Megatron is a character from the Transformers: The Movie Prequel comics.



MovieMegatron Bumblebee torture comic
Megatron once ruled Cybertron side-by-side with Optimus Prime. For generations, the two ruled in peace. Megatron was firm, but Prime was fair, creating a nice, even balance. Sadly, he got a jonesing for the All Spark and the war started. Megatron formed an army of separatists, the Decepticons, while Prime formed his own army, the Autobots. Megatron's forces, while less noble, were more ferocious warriors. Prime eventually made the decision to launch the All Spark into deep space. When Bumblebee stalled Megatron long enough for it to be launched into space, he tore off Bumblebee's arm and crushed his voice box, then took off into space after the All Spark. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 1


Movie Megatron Targetcomic sure

During an assault on the Autobots personally led by Megatron and his minion, Blackout, Megatron crushed an opponent's spark before casually tossing his corpse over his shoulder. Megatron declared that the All Spark would be his, to which Blackout assured his leader that he would make sure of it. Megatron was pleased by his minion's loyalty, but dispatched him to assist Starscream's unit in preventing Optimus Prime's reinforcements from entering Tyger Pax. He then left to meet his destiny, but it slipped from his grasp. Planetfall

Note: Megatron's response to Blackout's pledge is mistakenly given to the latter Decepticon.

Transformers: Beginnings

Voice actor: Frank Welker

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