Melkorr is an alien from the Generation One continuity family.

Shouldn't you be fighting Doc Terror?

Melkorr is some kind of intergalactic diplomat, documentarian or voice-over artist.

He sounds like Henry Kissinger, or possibly Werner von Braun.


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Joe Leahy (US), ??? (Japan)

At an (Autobot-sponsored?) peace conference between the warring planets of Xetaxxis and Lanarq, Melkorr - in person - narrated a video clip depicting the history of violence between the two worlds. Afterwards, he emphasized that both civilizations would go extinct "within one generation" unless the peace negotiations were successful.

Rodimus Prime sarcastically thanked him for the happy news. The Quintesson Journal


  • Although Melkorr's name was mentioned in dialogue, the dialogue script for The Quintesson Journal refers to the person giving his lines as "moderator" - which is strange, so far as Rodimus Prime and Spike Witwicky appeared to be jointly moderating the talks and Melkorr doesn't appear again.
  • Melkorr's status as an alien is uncertain. He may be a cybernetic human, but his name suggests an alien origin.
  • Melkorr shares a name with Melkor, the equivalent of Satan in Tolkien's Middle-earth stories.

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