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  • Since you seem have to have the movie readily available, I would like to delegate the task of adding the hour, minute and second to these file' pages to you so we know the order they appear in and describe the event happening in them, then I can find suitable filenames to move them to.

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    • The fair use template has this statement for the uploader:

      This tag is not a sufficient claim of fair use. You must also include the source of the work, all available copyright information, and a detailed fair use rationale.

      So you must include the source.

      Too bad, you still should at least put the character names you know of not avoid it altogether.

      The rule of thumb: an image with Optimus prime in it should have Optimus prime in its file name.

      So if they don't represent seconds or minutes only know what those four digits mean,timestamp is more universal.

      Why do you feel the need to upload almost every frame? limit it to a hundred at most and it should be notable scenes only. These are to illustrate facts in article text for readers not make an awkward story book version of the movie.

      Only one of these needs to be on the site because it's literally just Creator Ships fading out of the darkness and moving a bit, there's no need for every frame.

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    • So those four initial images lead in to the title, but you can see the same thing but better in these official IMAX videos that you also added to the site. When I transfer the screenshots over to the plot section, those that correspond to one of these videos will not be added and the videos will be used in their place. But said screenshots will be kept onto the wiki as backup in case IMAX takes their own videos down in the future, ok?

      If someone wants all the screenshots in the same place they can just visit Category:Transformers: Age of Extinction; if they are named in order then they will appear in order.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please keep information relevant to the articles you edit, a simple portal for the live action films will suffice, fact like cast and duration belong on the individual movie pages.

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  • You did not check if your image was already on the wiki. You could've visited this file's page, click on the arrow, then click "Replace", rather than upload an entirely new file.

    I'll be deleting the original since that was lower resolution. Second image policy violation.

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    • 1. I'm not an administrator, so I can not change the name of any images, or delete them.

      (Their resolution is the same!)

      2. Compare the name of this two images:

      Transormers 5 Poster 2.jpg (1)
      Transformers 5 Poster 2.jpg (2)

      I typed wrong file name, and I can not change the name of it, so the only way I can do is re-upload another file with another name, although I know that they are duplicated and I can be blocked.

      In other word, Replacing this image by another one does not change the name of it. Please recheck! Thank you ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • This is your second plagiarism warning.

    Also please use Template:Infobox/Transformers/Character instead of Template:Transformers.

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  • Hi, please don't copy and paste material from This wiki has a policy against doing so.

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  • Please read Transformers Wiki:Image Policy before uploading any more files.

    Your filenames must state the entities in the image and movies they are from to make them easy to search for. Suppose Joshua or Su appear in future sequels, we need a way of telling which screenshot came from which movies.

    All screenshots should have the movie it was taken from and timestamp it was taken at in the file description. Don't take from trailers as they are cut from various points from unreleased movies. These are movies filmed over HD quality so their screenshots should be greater than 1000 pixels wide. This file has an acceptable filename but it needs a file description and higher resolution.

    You need to put Template:Fair use on all of your images. {{fair use|film-screenshot}} for live action screenshots, {{fair use|logo}} for logos, and {{fair use|film-poster}} for posters.

    This is your first warning.

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