Metrotank is a Decepticon from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

He makes up for his lack of transformation with a positive personality.

Metrotank is a sentient tank, and a member of the Metrosquad. The only member of the squad who lacks a robot mode, he is nonetheless extremely powerful, but also has a very short temper. Winning combination, right there.


Zone story pages

Metrotank was recruited into the Metrosquad by Metrotitan. His first mission was to attack the Autobot lunar colony commanded by Rabbicrater.



  • Metrotitan (Decepticon, 1990)
Japanese ID number: D-340
A redeco of Slammer, Metrotank is... well, a tank. He transforms into a tower for Metrotitan's city mode by removing the tank turret (and just setting it aside) and flipping out a large "antenna" from the front. He was only available as part of the Metrotitan set.

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