Michael transform

From jet to robot in 3 easy steps!

Michael is a Rescue Hero Go-Bot in the Go-Bots continuity.

The high-flying Michael is always happy to lend a helping hand engine!


Japanese Go-Bots Comic

While flying in jet mode, Michael came across a cheerful strawberry-themed hot air balloon. However, a large bird saw the balloon and tried to "eat" the strawberries on it, piercing the envelope! The balloon began to fall!

Transforming, Michael caught the balloon and set it safely on the ground. He then (apparently) patched it up and "refilled" it using the flame from his engine-hand. The balloon was soon happily on its way again, and Michael waved to it as it flew off.

Rescue complete!


Rescue Hero Go-Bots

  • Michael (Mega Go-Bot, 2003)
Japanese ID number: GO-12
The Japanese version of the first Aerobot toy. In addition to having a Japanese voice chip, he has light blue thighs (where Aerobot's are silver) and orange detailing on his wings.

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