What happens in Monacus stays in Monacus.[1]

Monacus is a bleak, barren asteroid known as a haven for gamblers and characters of all types.


The Transformers cartoon continuity

Monacus is the destination for Bosch and Smokescreen after the former takes Optimus Prime, Inferno, Bumblebee and Perceptor as prisoners.

If you have a need to sell robot slaves, watch gladiatorial games, or loose the payroll on slots, then head on down. The dank district of Sheol is located on Monacus, home to Lord Gyconi's Pit of Destruction arena. The Gambler

It's known to be visited by bounty hunters as well.


  • Monacus is named for the real-world sovereign state of Monaco, famous for the Monte Carlo casino.
  • There is an achievement in Fall of Cybertron named "Monacus Spender".[2]


  1. That screaming case of Scraplets you got in Monacus won't actually stay in Monacus.
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