This article is about the Power Core Combiners character. For the Generation 1 character, see Mudslinger (G1).
Mudslinger is a Decepticon Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

There was a time when Mudslinger might have considered joining the Autobots, but that was long ago. He's a bot of action, with no time for things like thinking, negotiating or peace. In his opinion, the Autobots are a bunch of sissies. With his team in tow, he's got the power to prove just how much tougher than them he is.


  • Mudslinger with Destructicons (Commander, 2010)
Mudslinger transforms into a monster truck with the colour scheme similar to the Generation 1 Construticon. In humanoid mode, Mudslinger is quite dumpy with a large chest and huge fists, this is because his vehicle mode wheels are mounted on them. In combined form, Mudslinger looks like his head has been made out of The Matrix of Leadership and it is dog like in appearance, relatively round with handle like protuberances on either side.
The Destructicons attach via the blue peg system.

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