My First Blaster is a weapon that appears in the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.


The My First Blaster weapon was designed for those bot's to small to handle the power of larger weapons. It's a fun, and safe way to blow your enemies to scrap...

After taking down an enemy, it lights up and makes noises, like every good toy.

—Hurray! You scored a direct hit!



IDW Generation 1 Comics

More Than Meets The Eye

After Swerve displayed his ineptitude in being able to operate a firearm in an incident with Rung, the Autobot scientist, Brainstorm designed this for him. The brash autobot hadn't seen much active service, let alone fired a weapon. And, though comical appearance, the weapon packs a mighty punch.

Like every good bar keep, Swerve likes to keep it under his.

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  • The third party company, MakeToys, released a model kit version of this weapon for use with either their own Trash Talk figure, or the official Hasbro Legends class Swerve. It was a big hit with fans of More Than Meets The Eye and is now very hard to get hold of.