Nancy Witwicky is a human in the Transformers Animated continuity.

Jennifer witwicky he pt1


Nancy Witwicky is the baby of Witwicky family. She is the younger sibling of Daniel Witwicky.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Carly and Spike tried to go to the hospital to have a baby but the Ambulance driven by a girl scared the heck out of them. Garbage In, Garbage Out

She appeared in Soundwave's virtual world, playing peek-a-boo with a policeman in Burger Bot. Later, she is in Carly's arms when all the humans in Detroit are hypnotized by Soundwave. Human Error, Part 1


  • Her name "Jennifer Witwicky" was named in the DVD audio commentary for "Garbage In, Garbage Out", though it was announced somewhat... "vague".

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