Ne Squad is a team of Earth Defense Command operatives in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"There's a little girl inside all of us."

Named for the Rat (Japanese: nezumi) sign of the Chinese Zodiac, Ne Squad is one of 12 Tokyo-based Kiss Player teams in the Earth Defense Command (E.D.C.).

Like the other Kiss Player squads, Ne Squad is made up of four young human females, each partnered with an artificially created Autrooper transforming robot. They operate under orders from Commander Amaou and are usually dispatched into battle at the scenes of Legion attacks. They also combat resistance fighters, including Optimus Prime, Hot Rod and their human partners.

Known Ne Squad members include:

Shao-Shao Li (original partner of Autrooper Unit Ne-04), Ringo (Ne-01), Kayu (Ne-02), Atari Hitotonari (second partner of Ne-04)

The final Ne-03-partnered member of the squad was never mentioned in the series.


Kiss Players


Smoochy smoochy!

Despite her preference for pretty much any other E.D.C. assignment, Shao-Shao Li was known far and wide as Ne Squad's top fighter and Kiss Player. Following an incident in which her fusion time limit was reached in the middle of a battle, however, she was quickly replaced on the team by the newly-recruited Atari Hitotonari.

During the battle for Optimus Prime's body, squad member Ringo played a key role in a trap for a team of resistance commandos. Atari and several Kiss Players from other squads were swiftly rendered helpless when Marissa Faireborn cut off their clothes with her knife.

Kayu remained fused with her Autrooper partner and was able to temporarily incapacitate the American attacker with a Kremzeek bullet. But when her Autrooper spotted Prime's corpse nearby, it summarily ejected the naked and disoriented Kayu and attempted to merge with the Autobot's body via ParasiTech fusion.

Some time later, Kayu was allegedly transferred to a different squad, but in all likelihood she became the subject of E.D.C. experimentation. A rogue Autrooper unit that Atari believed to be merged with Kayu was later shot down by Ringo and Ne-01; Atari seriously injured (or possibly even killed) Ringo in retaliation.

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