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Nebulos is a planet introduced in Season 4 of The Transformers. The inhabitants of the planet are green-skinned humanoids called Nebulans. During a Cybertronian Civil War, the oppressive government of the planet, known as the Hive, aligned themselves with the Decepticons in reaction to the Nebulan Resistance's alliance, with the Autobots.


  • Nebulan Resistance Base
This was a cave belonging to the Nebulan Resistance. When some Autobots crashed landed on their planet, they believed them to be machines controlled by the Hive and captured the Autobots, placing them in constraints. After the Autobots proved the Nebulans wrong, Brainstorm, with the help of Spike Witwicky, would implement his Headmaster idea with the Nebulan Resistance members as the Headmasters of the crashed Autobots. The Rebirth, Part 1
  • Hive City
This was an abandoned city belonging to the Hive. It was built during the period from before the Hive could utilize mental powers thus the control panels of the city consisted of levers and other physical interfaces. Using the controls, Spike Witwicky rearranged the city into Fortress Maximus, a spaceship and body, which Cerebros became the Headmaster for. The Rebirth, Part 3



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