Needler is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
Action Master Bombshell

Needler is the green one...

Needler is the mechanoid partner to Bombshell, who uses his pincers and flamethrowers to destroy anything Bombshell doesn't mind-warp first.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Needler cerebroshell

He's just friendly.

Bombshell used a type of cerebro-shell patterned on Needler. Infestation

Note: This shell probably does not represent Needler him/itself. Needler's connection to cerebro-shell technology (if any) is unknown but can likely be attributed to Dreamwave's rampant use of Easter Eggs.


Generation One

  • Bombshell (Action Master, 1991)
Needler is a robotic scarab who was only sold with the Action Master version of Bombshell, available only in the European markets. He can plug into Bombshell's back, and pressing a trigger flips his head up and over Bombshell's, forming a battle mask of sorts.

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