Nekomimi A and Nekomimi B are digital entities in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Virtual robot catgirl maids. Goddamn it, Japan.

Nekomimi A (ネコミミA, the "brunette") and Nekomimi B (ネコミミB, the "blonde") appear to be digital entities who reside within a virtual battle training simulator. The game can be accessed from within the Autobots' barracks; evidently, Decepticons can also connect to play.

The exact nature of Nekomimi A and Nekomimi B is unclear. While they appear to exist exclusively in some kind of computer world, they act as fully sentient beings.


Energon cartoon


Nekomimi A (backache queen) and Nekomimi B ("I LOVE YOU, HOT SHOT"), respectively.

Nekomimi A voice actor: ??? (English), Masumi Asano (Japanese)
Nekomimi B voice actor: ??? (English), Yukiko Tagami (Japanese)

The duo acted as announcers and referees for a series of tournament fights between (mostly) two-man teams from across the Energon conflict, including digital clones of the deceased and the previous bodies of characters who had been upgraded.

Nekomimi B seemed to be infatuated with Hot Shot, calling him "dreamy" twice. Unlike Nekomimi B, Nekomimi A thought Hot Shot was "scrawny" and had her sights set on Galvatron. However, perhaps changing her mind after witnessing Galvatron's brutal takedown of Demolishor and Snow Cat, she joined Nekomimi B in calling Hot Shot "dreamy" near the end of the tournament.

Following Hot Shot and Rodimus's victory by ring-out against Optimus Supreme in the final round, Nekomimi A and Nekomimi B presented the winning team with trophies—shortly before they announced that Hot Shot and Rodimus would now take on the "special guest fighter", a pint-sized virtual incarnation of Unicron. As this last battle commenced, the two announcers wished the audience goodbye. Distribution


Having no hands won't stop Six Shot from reading about catgirls.

Some time after the tournament, Six Shot was seen reading a humorous, Transformer-sized comic book featuring the two of them. Whether this means they are fictional or simply have a Cybertronian licensing deal is anyone's guess. Galvatron Terror


  • Though they were not named in either the Energon cartoon or the original Japanese dialogue, the Japanese ending credits to the episode identified them with the designations used in this article. "Nekomimi" is roughly Japanese for "kitty ears", and is a term generally applied in Japan to "catgirls".
  • The color scheme of Nekomimi A and Nekomimi B bears a slight resemblance to Nanoha and Fate respectively, the main heroines from another Japanese anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

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