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Ironhide with Neutron Assault Rifle.

War for Cybertron (game)

The Neutron Assault Rifle is a fully automatic weapon. It is a decent weapon, but eats up alot of ammunition, so you may find yourself without ammo in a firefight. This is the starting weapon in Escalation.

Fall of Cybertron (game)

It has undergone few design changes, them being instead of having one fire opening, it has two minigun type fire openings, similar to the Scrapmaker. It also has a more quiet firing sound. It has a blade of the end of, increasing melee damage.


  • It is probably the most used weapon in the game since many characters carry one.
  • Max load: 244 rounds. Per mag: roughly 50 rounds.
  • The Neutron Assault Rifle is similar to the Assault rifle from the Halo series. They are similar in that they are both very common (carried by most troops), and that they are the prominent weapon used in the game/games. In gameplay, however, the Neutron Assault rifle is a lot more accurate than the Assault rifle from Halo:Combat Evolved and a bit more accurate than the Halo 3 and Halo:Reach assault rifles.
  • The Neutron Assault Rifle returns in the DOTM game but is renamed as just Assault Rifle. It is carried in the campaign by Soundwave and Megatron and is used as the secondary weapon of the commander class in multiplayer.
  • In Escalation mode, consider this as your backup weapon, so try to keep one in the early rounds.

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