New Kaon is a Decepticon colony in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

Situated in the Galactic Rim, "New Kaon" is a refuge for all kinds of Decepticons fleeing Autobot oppression.


Transformers Animated

After escaping the damaged Nemesis in the Azazel Asteroid belt, Blitzwing and Lugnut made their way to this barren refugee colony. Blitzwing spent six deca-cycles carving a statue of his fallen leader Megatron, and gave an eulogy to the crowd that had gathered. Lugnut didn't take very kindly to hearing that and destroyed the statue. The Arrival issue 1


  • "New Kaon" is no doubt named after Kaon, the Decepticon-controlled city state on Cybertron in the Generation One and Unicron Trilogy continuities. Whether this means Kaon exists in the Animated continuity as well remains to be seen.