New Weapon: The Tako Tank is the twenty-sixth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on October 07, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




As the Nemesis travels towards Gaea, volcanoes start to erupt. Gigastorm has crawled out of the Angolmois Energy pit and arrived at the Destron ship. He uses the ray of the ship to shrink himself so that he may enter the base. He attends to his comotose brother, Galvatron, and then proceeds to order the Destrons around. Afterwards, he heads outside on another rampage. At the Cybertron base, Lioconvoy and crew have located Gigastorm. Lio Junior, Santon, and Skywarp are sent out to capture Gigastorm. They locate him, and allow him to chase them to an unknown destination.

Starscream and BB are in the skies, waiting for an unknown vessel to enter Gaea's atmosphere. Dirge and Thrust are also waiting for the item, but are fired upon. They quickly retreat, and it is revealed that Starscream and BB actually fired upon them from above the clouds. Meanwhile, Lio Jr, Santon, and Skywarp have lead Gigastorm to a box canyon. The rest of the Cybertrons are at the rim of the canyon waiting to surrround Gigastorm. As Gigastorm enters, the Cybertrons fire on the canyon and cause part of the canyon to collapse. Gigastorm is buried in the rubble, but survives. He calls on Starscream and BB for assistance. However, Starscream and BB are chasing the vessel which has just crash landed elsewhere. The door to the vessel opens, and a robot that looked similar to Scuba (but blue) before he acquired his beast mode appears. The figure asks for Scuba, but is only met with enemy fire by Starscream and BB. The figure retreats to the vessel and shuts the door.

At the canyon, Gigastorm has managed to free his head from the rubble at the same time Thrust and Dirge arrive. Using ropes, they pull him out the rubble. Lio Jr is knocked off the cliff into the valley. He is almost stepped on by Gigastorm, but is saved at the last moment by Lioconvoy. Gigastorm then picks up Lio Jr with his mouth, but is knocked down as the mysterious vessel crashes in the valley. The figure comes out and Scuba approaches the individual. It is revealed that he is Scuba's friend and that his name is Ikard. Ikard copies Scuba's beast mode to protect himself from Gaea's elements. Ikard then presents Scuba with a new weapon in the vessel: the Tako-Tank (a tank that looks like an octopus). Meanwhile, the Destrons have regrouped and attack the Cybertrons. Scuba jumps in the Tako-Tank and rushes towards Gigastorm. Using the Tako-Tank he spits out ink at the Destron. He takes the Tako-Tank to the cliff, where he deploys the hovercraft portion of the Tako-Tank. He uses the guns on the tank to fire at Gigastorm. Magnaboss forms, and then takes Gigastorm on at ground level. The Destrons quickly retreat.

In the canyon, the Cybertrons jealously look over the Tako-Tank. Scuba and Ikard say their good-byes and Ikard takes off in the empty vessel. In space, he warps just in time before the Nemesis sucks him in.

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