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This article is about the Robots in Disguise Autobot. For the Energon Mini-Con, see Nightcruz (Energon).
Nightcruz is an Autobot in the Robots in Disguise continuity.

Nightcruz is one of several Autobots who help defend Earth from the ambitions of the Predacons and Decepticons under Galvatron's command.


Robots in DisguiseEdit

  • Nightcruz / Mirage GT / Scavenger (Mega-level 3-pack, 2002)
A redeco of the Beast Machines Vehicon Spy Streak, Nightcruz transforms into a Cybertronic jet similar to a "Blackbird" stealth jet. In both modes he has a "grabber" claw and dual spring-loaded missile launcher. He was available only in a 3-pack with Mirage GT and Scavenger.
This mold was also used to make Universe Fireflight.

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