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Nova Cronum is a city on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family

Nova Cronum was a great place before the Great War began. But the Autobots and the Decepticons have a tendency to blow it up. Thus, it longs for the day when all are one.


Dreamwave continuity

Before the Great War, Nova Cronum was a philosphical haven located east of Iacon[1]. However, the Decepticons purged the city in ano-cycle 6-1-1, rendering it a ghost state.

After the disappearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron in a space bridge explosion, Shockwave used it as the location to build chatty dinosaurs. The Dark Ages, Part 3

IDW continuity

After the Calabi-Yau was destroyed, Afterburner and Nosecone's escape pod crashed in the remains of Nova Cronum. Whether this means Nova Cronum is near Thunderhead Pass or not is unstated. Stormbringer, Part 3


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