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Nul-A is a mechanoid of unknown provenance in the Generation One continuity family.

Everyone knows me at the dump.

Nul-A is a giant robot who leads a lonely existence running a junkyard. The junkyard may be in New York; Nul-A seems to be a big fan of the Yankees - or maybe that's just the only giant robot baseball cap he could find.


Generation One cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Corey Burton (U.S.), ? (Japan)

When First Aid briefly suffered a crisis of faith about his contributions to the Protectobots, he left the Autobots and sought refuge in Nul-A's junkyard. Nul-A was happy to have the company, since not a lot of people hang around the dump. First Aid was eventually convinced to return to the Autobots to perform the reinstallation of a transformation cog into Metroplex, but not before he cleaned the place up a little. It may be that Nul-A had all kinds of visitors after that.

But probably not. The Ultimate Weapon


  • It is unclear what species of robot Nul-A is, as his speech and mannerisms clearly demonstrate him to be sentient rather than some kind of human-built drone.

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