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One of the signature weapons of Starscream and the Seekers, the null-ray is capable of stopping any electrical device with one shot, be it human or Transformer except Megatron. All a blast from the null-ray does is make him angry. It doesn't work on the Dinobots either, but they were already aggravated at Starscream and the jets.


Generation One cartoon

After causing a tidal wave at Sherman Dam, Megatron ordered Starscream to shoot three of the generators with blasts from the null-ray as part of their efforts to make Energon cubes. Why they would need the generators to stop working is beyond our understanding, but Megatron's schemes always have layers within them, and are far too complex for simple flesh creatures to understand. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2

After being discovered by Bumblebee, Starscream shot him with the null-ray, allowing the Decepticons to modify his memory circuits to lead the Autobots into a trap. Transport to Oblivion

Later, when Megatron had the power chip rectifiers of the Decepticons installed in him before his battle with Optimus Prime, Starscream lamented that he could no longer use the null-ray or his cluster bombs. A threat of termination from Megatron shut him up. Heavy Metal War


Starscream suffering from a runny nose.

Determined not to be replaced by the human-built Nightbird, Starscream used his null-ray to fritz her circuits. Naturally, Megatron wasn't too happy about the loss of his new female "companion" and immediately labeled Starscream a traitor. Again. Enter the Nightbird

When Starscream partnered up with the (more than usually) paranoid Red Alert, Starscream fired his null-ray at Red Alert, causing his unstable logic circuits to stabilize. Auto Berserk


"'THIS I command!"

Later, Starscream was shown firing the null-ray from his nose while in vehicle mode. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1. Later still, he was shown firing it through his finger. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2

Starscream last used his null-ray at his own coronation as leader of the Decepticons. During the coronation, the Constructicons played trumpets, but Starscream, eager to get on with the ceremony, used the null-ray to slice the instruments in half. The Transformers Movie

In 2005, Marissa Faireborn had a hand-held blaster which fired Null-rays. Whether this was reverse engineered from a captured Seeker, developed with the help of the Autobots, or was acquired by some sort of convoluted plan of Starscream's to replace Megatron, is unknown. FFOD4

Transformers Armada

When Armada Starscream finally got his Mini-Con partner, he gained the ability to use his version of the null-ray. It doesn't disable electrical stuff anymore, but creates a big explosion instead.[1]

Transformers Armada PS2 game

In this incarnation it slices mountains in half instead of its usual effect. It most likely does the same to Autobots, but Starscream was bashed offline by Optimus Prime before he could test that theory.

Transformers (2007 movie)

Starscream missiles

Starscream firing his null-ray

In the movie franchise, the null-ray is represented by a set of rocket launchers used by Starscream. Perhaps not the best way to convey the idea of a ray, but lasers don't explode, do they? Transformers

Revenge of the Fallen film

After Soundwave alerted the Decepticons that Sam had been found in Egypt, Starscream flew in and used his null-ray to disable the NEST soldiers electrical systems. This version of the null-ray appears to be more like an EMP in design and function rather than an actual weapon. Revenge of the Fallen[2]

Transformers Animated

One of the newest Starscreams also packs null-rays as his main weapon, but these also just work like a very powerful Sonic Blaster. Their destructive effect on Earth-made buildings is impressive, if not as intense as Armada Starscream's, and a sustained blast of around 12 seconds was enough to render all five Earth-bound Autobots unconscious—for a few seconds. Hmm. Then later a direct blast fully disabled Ultra Magnus for several minutes. Mission Accomplished

War for Cybertron

The null-ray makes an appearance in the game as well, though in a different form than in previous fictions. Here, null-rays are high-powered sniper rifles that can be carried and wielded one at a time in characters' humanoid modes. Starscream carries one by default, and they are available as pickups in most of the game's missions. They are very effective against ground targets, and good against air targets as well, assuming they're hovering and will just sit still long enough to get shot. Usually, they are one shot kills to the head.


After the Autobots blew the already damaged Starscream's arm off, Knockout offered to replace it with a new one that came equipped with a Null Ray... Sadly 'screamer wanted his original arm.


  • In Japanese media, null-ray was called "Naru Beam" (ナルビーム).
  • Starscream uses a Nucleon Charge Rifle in Fall of Cybertron, which is also a high-powered sniper rifle, like a fair amount of the weapons, it could just be a remodel/new name of the previous game's weapon.


  1. But not in the Armada video game, where it just slices mountains in half instead.
  2. Starscream's Battle Bio at

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