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This article is about the Energon-series Omnicon. For the Cybertron-series Mini-Con, see Offshoot (Cybertron).

Unlike his brother Signal Flare, Offshoot doesn't care about working in the Energon mines. He'd rather use his impressive Energon-sculpting abilities as an Omnicon to make weapons, and then use those weapons to shred Decepticon armor. He's a very skilled combatant, even earning the praise of Optimus Prime, but his tendency to show off for his teammates has left him vulnerable to unseen attackers.



  • Offshoot (Omnicon, 2004)
A redeco of Signal Flare, Offshoot transforms into a Cybertronic half-track MASER tank (a vehicle created in the Godzilla movie series). Moving the MASER arm causes the dish on the end to spin. The dish can be combined with a pair of shields to form an energon weapon, a large spinning buzzsaw that can be held by most larger toys in the Unicron Trilogy lines.
Offshoot was sold in Japan as a store exclusive as Signal Flare USA Edition. The Signal Flare/Offshoot body design is used as the model for the Attacktix Omnicon. His "Energon Cutter" weapon mold was also used to make several different store-exclusive energon weapons in Japan, as well as a bonus pack-in with the Super Link Hot Shot Fire upgrade.

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