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The name or term Oil Slick refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Oil Slick (disambiguation).
Oil Slick is a Decepticon from the Universe series.

Pull my finger!

Lured by promises of power, Oil Slick has abandoned the Autobot code and joined with the Decepticons under the command of Unicron.



  • Crystal Widow vs Oil Slick (Multi-pack, 2004)
Available only in a K-Mart exclusive 2-pack with the Autobot Crystal Widow, Oil Slick is a redeco and minor retool of the Armada Side Swipe mold, with the chest plate's molded Autobot sigil replaced with a molded Decepticon sigil.
He comes with a Search and Destroy Robot mini-partner that can store in a flip-out section of the back end of Oil Slick's vehicle mode. Pressing down on the sigil plate in vehicle mode swings his car hood halves forward in a spring-loaded attack. These hood parts end up on his arms in robot mode, giving him a spring-loaded attack in that mode. Attaching the Search and Destroy Robot (or any other Mini-Con mold) to the Powerlinx plug on his back activates a "punching" action gimmick in his left arm.
The same mold is used by Treadshot, and a heavily-retooled version was released in Cybertron as Runamuck.

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