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Specifics: Toy
Oiler is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
Oiler cardart

Don't call him Captain Planet... seriously.

Oiler, leader of the Metro Squad, is an oil addict — in reverse. He under-fuels himself to conserve energy, and thus runs dry in long combats. His squadmates think this is just the result of his ceaseless efforts to protect the innocent.[1]

His combiner partner on the Metro Squad is Slide.


None known.


Generation One

  • Metro Squad (Micromaster Combiner Squad, 1990)
Oiler transforms into a trailer truck that is intended to be the front half of a blue and white tanker truck that he forms with his combiner partner Slide. He can, of course, combine with any other Micromaster Combiner to form a new vehicle, as well as connect to any Micromaster Transport. Oiler was only available in a six-pack with his squadmates Slide, Power Run, Roadburner, Strikedown and Wheel Blaze.

Return of Convoy

  • Fire Tanker W Team (Micro Trailer W Team, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-365
    • Accessories: Micro Trailer #5
In Japan, Oiler came as part of the Fire Tanker W Team with Slide, Wheelblaze and Roadburner. All four components were identical to their Hasbro releases. The group also came with Micro Trailer #5.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #4

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