This article is about the Energon subgroup. For the Generation One subgroup, see Omnibot (G1).

The Omnicons are Transformers, larger than Mini-Cons (not to mention more vocal) but still fairly small and can be ridden like any other vehicle, that have the ability to handle and process raw energon. They can convert this substance into useful tools and weapons, or into Energon stars.

The known Omnicons are


Energon cartoon continuity

There are hundreds of identical Omnicons, and large squads of them with identical body types are very common. However, they are not drones, but individuals with full capabilities for independent thought. They are led by Arcee, who has a unique bodyframe among the Omnicons. They are affiliated with the Autobots.

Dreamwave Energon comics continuity

They all have "underdeveloped" social skills according to Over-Run, along with starting anything they say with "CRZ" or "ZRT" or something.


This section talks about toys representing Omnicons in general. For toys representing specific Omnicons, see their individual pages.




  • Omnicon (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix ID number: TF02
Faction: Autobot
Class: Trooper
Special: Battle Cry - 6/26 (23%) success ratio
Point Cost: 10
Base Speed: 4
Attack Type: Shooter (Small Missile)
Part of the first Transformers Attacktix assortment, Omnicon is a "generic" figure based on the Signal Flare/Offshoot body design, in mainly black and bronze. Omnicon has 4 points of articulation; waist, head and shoulders. While he is a small-based figure he is capable of creating an effective defensive tripod -- that is, supporting himself with his missile-launching arm.
Omnicon's special power allows you to make an extra attack on your next turn if you have an Autobot figure in play.


  • Omnicon (Booster, 2007)
Attacktix ID number: TF02
Faction: Autobot
Class: Trooper
Special: Shootback
Point Cost: 10
Base Speed: 4
Attack Type: Shooter (Small Missile)

An as-yet unreleased redeco of Omnicon, in blue and orange.

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