The omnidirectional relay is a piece of technology in the Generation One continuity family.

The omnidirectional relay is a device located on the planet of Junk. It is capable of broadcasting audio/visual signals, such as human television programs, to the entire galaxy in real time.


Cartoon continuity

As part of an attempt to retrieve the lost Journal 1122 from the Junkion's planet, the Quintessons introduced subliminal messages into the Earth television broadcasts that form the basis of Junkion culture. When the Quintesson ship transmitting the subliminals was damaged in battle with Superion, their message was altered from one extolling the virtues of cleanliness and instilling hatred for all other lifeforms to one about the joys of sharing. Under the influence of this new message, the Junkions utlized the omnidirectional relay to broadcast their television signals to all corners of the galaxy.

With the original subliminal message instilling hatred for all other lifeforms restored, the result of this pan-galactic broadcast was widespread warfare, until the signal was eventually disrupted by the Autobots. The Big Broadcast of 2006

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