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A prophecy predicts dark times ahead, which Megatron intends to see through.


Optimus speaks of a prophecy when the 47 spheres, planets, align, most likely with the center of the galaxy or Earth's nearest star, a darkness, far beyond Megatron's, will rise. Bulkhead is still unsure about it and says "I say it's a load a hooey." Arcee asks how long it is until the said alignment. Optimus explains his concern for Megatron, thinking that the prophecy, in Megatron's mind, is saying that he is the rising darkness. Megs expresses his complaint on not having any more Dark Energon other then what is in him.
Jack, Raf, and Miko are looking on a conspiracy website about "close encounters" with aliens when they stumble upon Bumblebee as the "Phantom Car". Raf is slightly concerned, but replaces it with a cat that says something like "Mars cat says; take me to your feeder", which makes Ratchet laugh, which the kids, or us, had not seen before. Jack asks Optimus if he wants to see it, he denies it with a straight-forward "No." Arcee explains that Primes are built that way, which Bulky continues with that he has never seen him laugh, cry, or lose his cool. Ratchet says that Optimus was not always a Prime explaining to Raf that they are not born into greatness, like a Monarchy-style government, but rather one earning it, like a Democracy or some other form. Ratchet is saying that Optimus was more like Jack, but Agent Fowler interrupts telling Prime that Soundwave stole a Phase Conductor from the Pennington-Ebbs Particle Collider. He then sends the team a punch-list of what they have stolen so far which is missing one thing to build (scene change to the Nemesis) the Decepticon Space Bridge 2.0. Soundwave says they are missing an Ample Power Source, which Airachnid finds one at heavily fortified location; by human standards. She wants to continue stealth ops, but Megatron denies and sends a force to infiltrate it by destroying about half of it, as he NEEDS his Dark Energon.
Fowler contacts Prime about the heist in progress, Prime says that Megs desperation is at it's max, and orders the humans to disengage as they will take over. As the 'cons are about to secure the power source, the 'bots Ground Bridge to the location and attack. Megatron orders Knock Out to have the warship rendezvous with the package. On the way to the Ample Power Source, Megatron sees and attacks Bumblebee, who is taking Raf to go R/C racing, hitting him once which Raf goes unconscious.
The Autobots are still fighting the 'cons over the power generator when Megatron arrives. Optimus tries to talk Megs out of trying to make the prophecy work, but Megatron comes back with leaving matters to fate when he can create his own destiny. Bee walks up with Raf in his hands, and when Megs admits to doing it, he lashes out to attack him, but Bulky refrains for doing so. Optimus orders Ratchet to bridge them back to bring Raf back, while Ratchet thinks an Autobot is down. When he pulls them through, the kids and him are surprised that it is Raf that is injured. Optimus and Bulkhead climb into the ship as the Ground Bridge is closing to fool Megs. When Ratchet realizes he has the wrong tools, Jack suggests calling his mom. Ratchet remembers a part of the prophecy; ...the weak shall perish... and tells Raf to be strong.
As the spheres are about to align, as in a few hours/minutes, Knock Out tells Megatron that they are near the site, but Megatron wants to be there now and goes into a revelation of the mountain not erupting explaining that he can hears Unicron's thoughts. When June arrives through the Ground Bridge, her and Ratchet have a little med argument, which Ratchet backs off. Bee gets a talk from Arcee about having partners harmed which Bee understands about not taking revenge. Optimus and Bulkhead infiltrate the Ample Power Generator container while Optimus is wondering about Raf's condition. Ratchet responds by saying that it is too soon and that he needs Raf. Optimus bridges back Bulkhead and tells him that he has noticed what history has proven over and over. OP:"Megatron must be destroyed."
As the prophecy is coming closer, Optimus challenges Megatron to a one-vs-one battle, which he gladly accepts. He thinks that the mountain in his visions is the place where he is to harvest his Dark Energon and defeat the last of the Primes. June is going to bring Raf to the hospital, but Ratchet says that human doctors will not understand what is infecting him. He realizes that Raf has been it with Dark Energon. Optimus arrives at Megatron's location and gives an opening speech to the battle. They charge at each other but the scene is cut short to Raf's battle. Ratchet says that the only way he knows to expel it is to have Energon meet it head on (this becomes literal as the scene changes and Megatron and Optimus punch each other in the head.) They each pull out their weapons (Prime; Ion Blaster, Megs; Fusion Cannon) and attempt to shoot each other but they deflect each others shot. Prime tries to get the upper-hand by round housing Megs in the head, but this turns short. They shoot each other gun at the same time which causes them to fly back a few hundred feet. Optimus runs at Megs and pulls his sword out to slice him put Megatron deflects that as well. Megs tries to tell Optimus that the Ancients had foreseen his defeat with Optimus saying not to believe in everything you read. Ratchet fuses the Energon into Raf which cures him of the Dark Energon. The sword battle continues and eventually Optimus rams Megs off a cliff where he spins his tires on his face to blind him. Which allow him to throw a few dozen punches at Megatron before he is able to see again. Yet when Megs does regain his sight the first thing he sees is Optimus' knock-on-the-ground punch. He fools Optimus that he is unable to do anything, yet when Optimus is sending the final blow, he stops his sword from contacting his plating. He snaps the sword in half and stabs the half in his hand into Optimus' shoulder. Optimus realizes that the spheres have aligned and pulls out the shard from his shoulder. Ratchet realizes that there is a lot of Dark Energon and they need to get Optimus out of there. Megatron states the obvious of saying that the Dark Energon is not in space but inside Earth. To be Continued...

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"And it was written in the Covenant of Primus that 'when the 47 spheres align, a perpetual conflict will culminate upon a world forged from chaos. And the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising darkness'."
-Optimus on a prophecy from the Ancients

"I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again...that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways. If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any other planet. Megatron must be destroyed!"
-Optimus on history and Megatron

"Your defeat was foreseen here by the ancients. What was it they wrote? 'The weak shall perish'?"
"Do not believe everything you read."
-Megatron and Optimus Prime in the heat of their battle