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The Key to Vector Sigma in Transformers: Prime.

The final battle to defeat Unicron at Earth's core ends here.


While the Autobots (with the exception of Ratchet) continue their battle at the Earth's core, while Jack, Miko and Raf learn more about Optimus's history on Cybertron as Orion Pax.

In the twilight hours of the Golden Age of Cybertron, Orion Pax was an archivist in the halls of Iacon. In researching Cybertron's past, Orion learned of a social inequality among the populace. He soon became inspired by the words and motives of a gladiator, naming himself after one of the thirteen original Primes, Megatronus. This visionary turned gladiator amassed a significant group of followers, Soundwave chief among them, promising to usher in a new age of equality among the Cybertronians. Orion began corresponding with Megatronus, who became somewhat of a mentor to him. As Megatronus left the gladiatorial arena for the political, he shortened his name. Megatron then appeared before the High Council, preaching his vision for a "just" society: use of violence and arrogantly demanded to be named a Prime. However, Orion voiced that violence was not a means of achieving justice. The sparks and minds of the council were moved by Orion's words and declared that he was worthy of becoming a Prime but such an honor can only be bestowed by the Matrix of Leadership.

His ambitions thwarted, Megatron severed all ties with Orion and rallied his followers, now called Decepticons, to wage war against all who opposed him. The battles took a toll on Cybertron, poisoning the planet to its core. Orion journeyed there to reverse the damage, and encountered Primus, who bestowed him the Matrix. In that instance, Orion became Optimus, the last of the Primes.

With the story concluded, Jack asks Ratchet what's to stop Megatron from claiming the Matrix this time around. Ratchet explains that Megatron is more focused with conquering Earth by saving it first, provided he can be trusted.

As the other Autobots and Megatron near Unicron's spark chamber, they battle his Chaos Bringer's antibodies of Unicron. Bulkhead becomes dizzy from the draining effect of the Dark Energon and nearly falls off the catwalk. Bumblebee nearly loses his grip on his friend, but luckily, Optimus catches him.

Meanwhile, Airachnid attempts to persuade the Decepticons that Megatron is either lost or in the thrall of Unicron and insist they leave Earth. The sole voice of dissent is Soundwave, who soundly bests Airachnid. He then continues to monitor the Earth for any sign of Megatron.

Ratchet has lost the away team's signals, figuring that the Dark Energon is hiding their signatures, meaning he won't know when he can save them with the Groundbridge. He the spot Jack holding the Key to Vector Sigma in his hand. Although, Optimus told him it was the Key to the Groundbridge power supply, Ratchet quickly realizes Optimus thinks he will not return. Meanwhile, While Megatron struggles to not be controlled by Unicron through Dark Energon, Optimus fires the power of the Matrix of Leadership directly into Unicron's spark. All storms, and bad weather suddenly stop on Earth. Megatron then attracts his blade, ready to slay a steaming Optimus. Right before Megatron is about finally finish him off, Optimus addresses Megatron by the name of "Megatronus", referring to Megatron's original name back on Cybertron. As the other Autobots hurry to retrieve Optimus, the two leaders hurry to the Deception base, the Nemesis. It is later revealed that Optimus didn't only lose the Wisdom of the Primes, but also his memories. The episode ends with Megatron declaring Optimus, under his original name "Orion Pax" as a Decepticon.

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