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Breakdown is captured by MECH, and the only ones who can save him are... Team Prime.


Breakdown and Bulkhead were battling in Russia searching for a fresh Energon source, but Breakdown wins and before he is able to kill Bulkhead by using his hammer to slam his head again, MECH shoots a missile out of a helicopter at Breakdown. Silas decides to take Breakdown instead of Bulkhead.

Bulkhead recovers and returns back to base, then Bulkhead tells that a helicopter disabled Breakdown. Agent Fowler explains that it was MECH that disabled and captured Breakdown. Optimus Prime realizes that allowing Breakdown to be dissected will allow MECH to gain knowledge of Cybertronian biology, which MECH will gain advantage of to attack the Autobots. With the exception of Bulkhead, the Autobots ground bridge into where Bulkhead fought Breakdown to search for MECH.

Meanwhile, Soundwave reported to Starscream that Breakdown was abducted by humans, and Starscream suggests to Megatron that they rescue Breakdown. Megatron claims that if Breakdown was captured by physically smaller, weaker living organisms that were able to capture him, then Breakdown deserves the fate that awaits him. Breakdown recovers locked in strong metal chains unable to escape, then demands Silas to release him. Silas acknowledges that he admits his intentions are evil, and that they will open up Breakdown to discover whatever they find to create new technology for themselves. While watching a monster movie, Miko is disappointed that Bulkhead didn't go with, claiming that if he doesn't rescue Breakdown, he'll never get a rematch. This influences Bulkhead to go separately.

The Autobots discover Breakdown's eye, which when Ratchet connects to, it shows Silas talking to them. Silas was surprised that Optimus came and not Megatron, but Optimus claims that both the Autobots and Breakdown have a common foe. Silas warns them not to stand their ground because there is a bomb about to go off, which the Autobots escape just in time. Silas claims that his would-be rescuers are in more pieces than Breakdown, but he claims that Decepticons can't break that easy. However, there are loud foot stomps heard, and Bulkhead breaks through the metal wall shielding MECH base, and the MECH troops fail to stop Bulkhead.

Breakdown thinks that Bulkhead is about to finish him off, but instead Bulkhead tears out the metal cuffs that locked him, making Breakdown curious why he's doing so. Both Bulkhead and Breakdown run from the base, only to be attacked by MECH with several cars and helicopters aiming at them. Breakdown succeeds in killing a few of them and escapes another missile fired at him from Silas's helicopter. When Bulkhead was about to be fired by a missile, Breakdown shoves him away from it. MECH retreats when they realize that there are jets aiming towards them. It turns out to be Starscream and 6 Vehicons, then Starscream scolds Breakdown for consulting with the enemy. Breakdown claimed that Bulkhead rescued him, which Starscream ignores and orders him to kill Bulkhead so that he would stay on the Decepticons and not join the Autobots. Bulkhead throws Breakdown at the Vehicons and Starscream orders further attack on Bulkhead until the other Autobots arrive. Breakdown also drives away from the Autobots.

Starscream claims that Breakdown will pay him back for the rescue party. Meanwhile, Silas discovers the structure of the Cybertronians, but not yet their biology.


  • From this point, Breakdown only has one eye.
  • Bulkhead and Agent Fowler were watching a monster movie, which used the roar sound copyrighted by Toho Productions' famous character Godzilla.
  • By this time MECH has discovered more about Cybertronian biology.


  • Apparently Silas is not, what he considers himself, a genius, since he told the Autobots about the bomb that is set to go off. If he didn't, then the Autobots would have been killed by the bomb.

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