Optimus Maximus is a character that appears in The Transformers comics. He is the combination of Optimus Prime, Mirage, Prowl, Ironhide and Rodimus.

This mighty Autobot combiner was Prowl's last-ditch attempt to protect the world of Caminus—and perhaps the entire galaxy—from Starscream's political machinations. Every Autobot involved in the combination process brings some of their own unique traits to the composite individual that is Optimus Maximus – the dependability of Ironhide, the strategic genius of Prowl, Mirage's cloaking powers, the courage of Optimus Prime and Sunstreaker's... good looks.

"All That Remains".

—We are OPTIMUS MAXIMUS! We are the defender of all sentient beings!, Optimus Maximus pulls himself together

Optimus Maximus is composed of:

and sometimes also

Optimus Prime can also form Ultra Prime by combining with a more random assortment of Transformers.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Convoy Grand Prime (コンボイグランドプライム, Konboi Gurando Puraimu),
    Optimus Maximus (オプティマスマキシマス, Oputimasu Makishimasu)

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Notes & Trivia

  • In his first comic appearance, Optimus Maximus first appears with the red and blue torso Generation 1 colors of the original Combiner Wars Optimus Prime toy. The subsequent issue, meanwhile, swaps out the blue for Battle Core Optimus's white and gold parts whilst retaining all the red, presumably as a compromise to promote the new toy whilst not completely ignoring the previous installment.
  • Maximus's limbs call to mind Energon Optimus Prime's super-mode, with a white limb (Prowl), a yellow limb (Sunstreaker), a blue limb (Mirage), and an orange limb (Ironhide... kinda). TakaraTomy would take advantage of this when releasing their "Convoy Grand Prime" set, putting the limbs in the standard configuration of the Prime Force drones for art and stock photos and fully painting the Energon-inspired sculpting on Optimus's torso mode.
  • Optimus Maximus also shares his limbs with Betatron.
  • Optimus Maximus reuses some of the Combaticons hand/foot pieces in some of his appearances.


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