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Specifics: Cover, Maximals vs Predacons splash page

Optimus Primal and Megatron battle over the secrets of a Predacon genetics lab.


A bat, a Cheetah, and a wild boar prowl the jungle, seeking something. Suddenly, the bat speaks, revealing that he has found Fusion Building through thermal emissions and fusion activity. He detects an alligator, concluding it to be a "harmless Earth creature". Suddenly, the alligator attacks! With the bat, Optimus Primal, down, the alligator transforms into a robot, revealing himself to be Megatron! He refuses to allow the Maximals into the Predacons' genetic lab and subsequently orders the Predacons to attack. A wasp and a spider arrive to assist against the bat, cheetah, and wild boar. All transform once entering battle.

Optimus Primal points out that the Maximals' bio-genetic morphing allowed them to create the perfect fusion of organic musculature and Transformers technology. Megatron states that the Predacons have done so, too, but used the DNA of Earth's "most vicious life forms!" Suddenly, Optimus informs Megatron that the Predacons are weakening. A sore loser, Megatron remotely blows up Fusion Building. The Maximals may have won this battle, but the Beast Wars have only just begun.

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  • Tarantulas's appearance in the comic uses the colors used in early catalogs and not the colors of the toy released to the public.