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Optimus Prime Memorial is a statue from the animated portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Hey, aren't memorials for dead people?

Optimus Prime Memorial is a memorial statue dedicated to, well, Optimus Prime.

In dedication to his heroism and pacifism, they built it with Prime holding his weapon extended.


Cartoon continuity

Television reporter Marty Minkler was interviewing Jazz and Cliffjumper at the unveiling ceremony for Optimus Prime Memorial when Starscream and his newly recruited army of Combaticons attacked, taking the two Autobots prisoner. The statue was also damaged by Swindle's weapon fire; have the Combaticons no decency?! Starscream's Brigade

Optimus Prime Memorial's construction in 1985 is possibly the result of its builders being able to see twenty years into the future and/or the writers trying to say, "Hey kids! Next year your hero will be killed and replaced by a turbo revvin' young punk turned turbo revvin' ADULT punk!"

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