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Jack learns how to restore Optimus's memory.


So, Starscream takes aim at Orion, naming him "Optimus Prime". But Orion tells him that he will never make him any harm. When Starscream asks him what a hell is he doing here, Orion answers that he is busy with the scientific research for the Lord Megatron, and that his name is not Optimus Prime but Orion Pax. Then Orion, in his turn, expresses surprise about the fact that Starscream is alive although Megatron declared him dead. Starscream mockingly replies that nobody must believe Megatron's every word. Orion looks very intrigued, but before he can ask anything else, the Vehicons come to arrest Starscream. Starscream hides behind Orion's back; while the guardians are confused, he takes his jet-plane mode and flies away. But one of the Vehicons successfully shoots Starscream in the leg making him spill Energon (a major accomplishment considering their quick failures in all past episodes) as Megatron rushes to pacify Optimus who has just witnessed violence happening. However, Orion is more concerned about being curious that Starscream called him "Optimus Prime" and why Megatron told him that Starscream has died. Megatron claims his advice was to be taken figuratively, that Starscream is dead to their cause which he counts as a casualty. After leaving the room, Megatron angrily tells to Soundwave that he is sorry he hadn't kill Starscream when he was able to do this.

Raf demonstrates a test experiment to Ratchet for opening a space bridge, using a toy car which quickly detonates from the unstable energy Ratchet failed to control through the space bridge. Raf tries to make Ratchet have hope by talking about his success of having completed a rope climb to the ceiling in gym class, but Ratchet in his usual cynicism is in no mood for such optimism. Just in this time Starscream sends a message to the Autobots to bring medical kit in exchange for the information of Optimus Prime's location. Bulkhead and Ratchet ground bridge to him, where Starscream admits having seen Optimus on the Nemesis but Ratchet is dissatisfied about only knowing Optimus is with the Ark and losing his memories thinking he's still Orion Pax, which they already knew before Starscream told them. Bulkhead and Ratchet only want the location of the space bridge the Decepticons are building, so Starscream who is angry that this project completed progress while in his absence, does tell them and gets his precious medical assistance.

Orion looks for data of Optimus Prime on the Nemesis computer, and comes to the accurate conclusion that either Megatron or Starscream is lying about who was the Autobots' leader. Even though Soundwave and/or Megatron has set up blocks from Optimus Prime's true image that can tell Orion he is Optimus, Orion finds out through expert decrypting. The Autobots infiltrate the Decepticons' space bridge, taking out the Vehicons guarding the project. Jack then goes in after Fowler, Raf, Miko and especially his mom wish him good luck. Arcee and Jack then go through the space bridge to Cybertron, but now


  • Cybertron makes its first appearance.
  • At least one of the Vehicons actually did injure a Transformer more advanced than them, this time it's Starscream. They haven't been able to do so for 27 episodes with Bumblebee and Arcee getting shot and hurt bad by only 2 Vehicons, in Darkness Rising, Part 1.
  • The scene where Agent Fowler is talking to Breakdown is a reference to "Star Wars: A New Hope" when Han Solo is talking to the Storm Troopers over the radio on the Death Star. Also, Agent Fowler says "How are you?" to Breakdown which is another reference to the same scene in Star Wars.

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