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Ratchet examines Optimus Prime and says that he is already well. Optimus thanks his old friend, and the doctor answers that he must thank his best spy. Optimus does so. But when he asks about Megatron's fate, nobody can answer him. A few seconds later, Bumblebee suddenly hears Megatron's voice in his head; the Decepticon Lord states that he intends to control Bumblebee's body and mind till he can return to his own body.

Bumblebee and Bulkhead are playing the "Cybertronian basketball", while Jack, Miko and Raf are watching the game. Bumblebee prepares to throw the ball tho the basket, but suddenly he sees the vision of the explosion of the Space Bridge. Raf worries if Bumblebee is all right, and the latter calmes the boy down. But soon a new vision begins (that of Megatron's body flying in the space and of Starscream pulling the Dark Energon crystal out of his chest)...

Meanwhile Starscream gloats over Megatron's condition and declares his grandly conceived plans as the future Decepticon leader. He is embarrassed, however, when he notices Knock Out listening to him. But Knock Out certifies "the new D-Lord" in his devotion, and Starscream looks contented.

Ratchet learns that Bumblebee is tormented by Megatron's visions; therefore he disconnects Bumblebee to let him recover. Just in this time agent Fowler comes online and informs the Autobots that the Decepticons had stolen the giant telescope lens. Optimus and his team immediately leave the Base, while Ratchet and Raf stay with Bumblebee to look after him. Ratchet tells Raf to go home, but the boy answers that he must be with his friend.

Not long after, Ratchet goes to the store and asks Raf to touch nothing till he comes back. A moment later, Bumblebee wakes up suddenly and switches the GroundBridge. Megatron's soul makes him go to the battlefield and search for the Dark Energon crystal there.

When Bumblebee returns to the Base at last, he meets Ratchet. The Autobot doctor sees the crystal in his hand and demands an explanation from Bumblebee, but the latter throws him aside and rushes into the GroundBridge again. Ratchet, disappointed very much, assumes that, after mental contact with Megatron, Bumblebee has turned into a Decepticon, but Raf doesn't believe him. Ratchet decides to go to the "Nemesis" and to rescue Bumblebee. Raf volunteers to accompany him. They follow Bumblebee to the D-ship and find that he's trying to revive Megatron with the help of the Dark Energon crystal. Their attempts to prevent him of doing it fail, and the Decepticon Lord returns to life.

Meanwhile in the Arctic Starscream, eager to reach the Energon deposit, employes the superpowerful laser cannon for melting the glacier. Suddenly he notices the Autobots approaching. Knock Out orders Breakdown to attack them. While Arcee and Bulkhead fight the thug, Optimus gets to the "Nemesis" and destroyes Starscream's cannon. Starscream, enraged, tries to kill Optimus, but Megatron suddenly appears, in his flying mode, and rams Starscream, sparing Prime's life. Frightened Starscream pretends to be glad to have his master back, but Megatron grabs him and drags him inside the ship for the punishment.

The Autobots return to their base. They are very glad that their friend is himself again. Bumblebee asks Raf's pardon for offending him when being under Megatron's control. Raf answers that he isn't angry at him.

(to be continued...)


(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

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"My greatest mistake?! I made a few, but there is one I do not intend to make again!" (Megatron to Starscream)

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