The name or term Over-Run refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Over-Run (disambiguation).
Over-Run is a Decepticon Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

Over-Run is impulsive, violent, and dangerously unpredictable. He almost always operates alone, because most other Decepticons are afraid to be anywhere near him. He does anything he can to aggrevate dangerous situations into total catastrophes, causing chaos and confusion among ally and enemy alike.


  • Over-Run with Stunticons. (Commander, 2010)
Over-Run is a repaint of Leadfoot in Drag Strip's color scheme. There are no changes to the base mold, except for the paint. The Stunticons can attach via the blue peg system.


  • Over-Run was originally going to be named Spastic, a contender for "Most unfortunate Transformers name ever", in the "Insulting in some countries" category along with Generation One Slag and Robots in Disguise Slapper. Due to a media stink in the United Kingdom, where the word "spastic" is considered highly insulting, Hasbro changed the name.

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