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Padlock is an Autobot from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Padlock energon sbr

Such an awesome name, for such a useless character.

Padlock is probably the second most useless Autobot ever. Yes, his name is Padlock.

He is friends with the rookie Autobot Wing Dagger.

Russian name: Zasov (Засов, Bolt)


Energon cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Ron Halder (English), ? (Japanese)

Padlock was a security guard on Cybertron, alongside Wing Dagger. He was cruelly aerated by Shockblast in the rogue Decepticon's prison break, which set Wing Dagger on a quest to avenge him. Shockblast: Rampage

Associated charactersEdit

Orange jet AutobotEdit

Orangeautobot unnamed shockwaverampage

Hi. I'm going to die.

This unnamed Autobot is definitely the most useless Autobot ever. He was guarding the Energon Core when Padlock and Wing Dagger left to investigate the breakout. His final act was to whistle cheerily before Shockblast elbowed him through a wall and then blew his spark out.


This guy was going to take Shockblast to Megatron but got killed.

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