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Oh no, not again.

Armada: Panini > Issue # 2
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The comic book Panni Armada issue 2 contains multiple stories or features.

Panini Armada issue 2


  • Friends and Foes!, Part 1 (comic, 8 pages)
  • Data File #3: Megatron
  • Hot Pursuit Power Poster
  • Grid-Locked! (puzzle)
  • Cruel Intentions? (Flow chart- what faction do you belong in?)
  • Data File #4: Leader-1
  • Friends and Foes!, Part 2 (comic, 6 pages)
  • Motorway Mayhem (puzzle)


Free Gift

  • Gigantic Toy Poster 'and Cyber Sketch Console

Friends and Foes!



Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons


  • NA


  • NA

Items of note

  • NA

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