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Pipes is an excellent soldier—tough, brave, and very strong—and otherwise worthy of little note, except for his unusual ability and eccentric hobby. When he came to Earth, Pipes became enamored of the fleshlings' primitive and ingenious technology and could not resist taking home cast-off examples when on missions. Eventually, a previously disused area of the Ark became his own personal museum of nose hair trimmers, patent rulers, and other worthless but fascinating ephemera of the throwaway society. He will gladly talk for endless hours about each prized find.

Only Wreck-Gar can be said really to enjoy an extended tour of Pipes's little museum, but Pipes is a good soldier and a friendly soul, and his comrades generally allow him his little eccentricity.

Pipes's most notable ability, which he is not the most proficient at controlling, is to emit clouds of corrosive gases from his exhaust pipes. This is possible in both modes, but is more useful (except to annoy motorists) in robot mode, where the pipes are on his arms. If he stays at it for at least ten minutes, these noxious gases will eat through a 2" slab of ordinary steel. His own skin is well protected against these gases, but in battle, the coatings may flake off. If he does not notice this (as frequently occurs) he can become vulnerable to his own attack, with unpleasant results.

"Forever Is a Long Time Coming"

—Nuts and bolts I understand. Theoretical physics? No., Pipes

French name (Canada): Tuyo
Hungarian name: Csőtörő
Italian name: Roccia ("Rock")


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Hal Rayle (US); Kenyu Horiuchi (Japan)
Pipes with widget

"It'll take two to three weeks if I order the parts today...which I won't."

Pipes was present at the Ark when Trypticon came to destroy it. He and his fellow Autobots made a valiant effort to hold off the Decepticon city-robot, but failed, and the Ark and its volcano were reduced to rubble. When Sky Lynx, Blurr and Wheelie arrived with Metroplex's transformation cog, Pipes installed it, allowing the Autobot giant to transform and defeat Trypticon. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

G1 ForeverIsALongTime Pipes Rodimus Perceptor

"Yep, here's yer problem. His ears were clogged with toothpaste."

Later, he accompanied Rodimus Prime, Kup, and the Aerialbots on a rescue mission after Perceptor and friends disappeared while looking for a source of chronal energy. They found the Quintessons had constructed a time window on an asteroid for the purpose of undoing the original Autobot rebellion against the Quintessons on Cybertron. Perceptor was found alone, suffering serious injuries, and his team missing. Pipes's mechanical skills were put to work as a battlefield medic to try and patch up Perceptor, but Perceptor's incoherent mumblings about theoretical physics didn't do anyone much good. Forever is a Long Time Coming

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Pipes graduated from Autobot Military Academy, but nearly lost his friend Tailgate to a stupid initiation stunt when the hapless cadet accompanied some other Autobots into the Underground to prove his courage. Fearing the worst, Pipes and Outback went in after him. When they found Tailgate battling a group of techno-mutants, though, Pipes convinced Outback to hang back and let Tailgate prove himself in combat. Tailgate successfully defeated all comers, and the three Autobots returned to the surface. Underworld!

Dreamwave comics continuity

When Shockwave pumped out anti-Autobot propaganda to to discourage public sentiment for the newly returned Ark crew, Pipes was among the Autobot civilians seen watching Optimus Prime's "rampage" through San Francisco. Cold War Later, after the insurrection against Shockwave, Pipes was seen training alongside Red Alert and several other Autobots, under Ironhide's supervision. Black Sunshine

IDW Generation 1 Continuity

More Than Meets The Eye


On an investigative mission to the planet Messatine, his first alien planet, Pipes, along with Ratchet and Drift, explores Delphi medical center. The Autobots are greeted at Delphi with a closed door, adorned with a giant red cross. Ratchet explains that it's "the second most terrifying symbol in he universe". The brash Autobot does not heed this warning and decides to transform and crash strait through the door, ending up in a pile of bodies. Ratchet then explains that the symbol means plague, to Pipes dismay. One of the infected patients stats to come close to pipes, before Drift over reacts and slices him up.


One of Delphi's medics, First Aid then arrives investigating the commotion, he scans Pipes to see if he is infected. He doesn't reassure the Autobot much though, telling him he only looks "Ok-ish" and marks him with a red cross meaning infection. The Autobots are then taken to the infirmary where pipes begins to display the symptoms of "Red Rust", the so called plague that the symbol warned them of.He begins to approach Drift as rusty liquid erupts from his mouth and eyes, splashing on Drift as he knocks pipes out and darts away. Ambulon takes him away and hooks him up to a Nucleon Feed. Ratchet later manages to find the reason for the plague, and sets about curing those infected. Life After the Big Bang


While in one defence battery operating rooms on the Lost Light, Pipes asks Blaster (again) if he could get a message to his old buddy Hubcap on Cybertron. After this he leaves and heads down the connecting corridor, he then literally runs into the recently escaped Overlord. The monstrous Decepticon crushes the Autobot under his heel. Before dying, pipes manages to raise the alarm, seconds before his Spark collapses. Under Cold Blue Stars


Generation One

  • Pipes (Mini Vehicle, 1986, 2008)
Japanese ID number: C-60
Pipes is a blue extensive retool of the 1984 Autobot Mini Vehicle, Huffer. He is changed quite a lot; his front is Huffer's back and vice-versa, and his cab transforms differently.
In 2008, Pipes was reissued in the Transformers Encore line, bundled with Bumblebee, Swerve, Tailgate and Outback.


  • Pipes's profile picture in Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye series is quite interesting. Apparently he was originally drawn (likely by Pat Lee) with no hands, as per the toy, then hands (drawn by Don Figueroa) were edited onto the picture at a later point. Pipes' right hand comes from Big Daddy's profile picture, while the left comes from Wildfly's.
  • Although Pipes is a remolding of Huffer, the two have simple yet distinctly different transformations. Whereas Huffer simply moves the truck cab up to reveal his head and then flips over the smokestacks for arms, Pipes flips the cab over, repositioning it behind his head instead of shelling it like a hood, and his arms just flip down from their truck position. Amusingly, the tabs that hold the truck cab in place, sticking out of his robot mode chest, are detailed to look like seats.
  • Being one of the most extensive retool in Transformers toy history, the Microman symbol is still engraved on the sides of his cab.

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