The pisser is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

Peeing is gritty and mature.

The pisser is a South American rebel soldier under the command of a man known only as The General. He really shouldn't have had that fifth Mountain Dew.

Note: "The pisser" is a fan-coined name (obviously). The soldier was not named in his one and only appearance.


Dreamwave Comics

The pisser was assigned to night patrol in the depths of the jungle, along with Manny. Despite Manny's warnings, the pisser lit up a cigarette, alerting the Lazarus-controlled Megatron to their presence. As the pisser turned his back on Manny to micturate, Manny was silently squooshed in Megatron's giant metal fist. The pisser turned to find his friend's mangled corpse, only to be fatally trod upon by the Decepticon moments later.

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